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ToxGurukul Foundation is a registered non-profit   organization for professionals in the field of toxicology who are in search   of a platform to learn and share the vast knowledge in this area. This   syndicate belongs to independent professionals from different backgrounds of   toxicology who share their knowledge to un-puzzle the Rubik’s cube that each   face in their daily work routine.

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Dear Management/TFM/CEO/Vice President….

Subject: Request for donations

ToxGurukul is a group of professionals in the field of toxicology who are in search of a platform to learn and share the vast knowledge in this area. This platform belongs to Independent professionals from different backgrounds of toxicology who share their knowledge to un-puzzle the Rubik’s cube that each face in their daily work routine. Our primary goal is educating the next generation of Toxicologists in India to get ready to serve the country in any capacity in Academic, Government and Industry at large and bring them to Global Standards to make them Second to None for competing with the Global Community. We also maintain a list of credible independent Toxicology Experts who are available as  honest third party experts to offer our independent opinions on matters of national and international importance.

We are pleased to advise you that as of  March 2019, we have Registered our organization with the Government of India (attached letter)  as “ToxGurukul Foundation” as a Non-Profit Organization. 

In this connection, we accept any and all donations from any Sponsor, which will be used STRICTLY for educational purposes.  Fully audited annual accounts will be published in a transparent fashion on ToxGurukul Foundation website (www.toxgurukul.org.in), hence, there is completed transparency and accountability of your donated funds.

Most corporations have special funds DEDICATED for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities which are intended social causes.  Those funds that are not used by 31st March (of each fiscal year) automatically expire.  In this context, we are approaching you to see if there is any residual CSR funds (NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL) at your organization that you wish to donate from your 2018-19 fiscal year CSR funds to ToxGurukul Foundation.  You are welcome to send your funds directly (electronically) to the following bank account:

Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank, F.C. Road Pune

Bank Account number: 3913 01 1774

IFSC Code: KKBK0001769

PAN Number: AAHCT 22885

We thank the Dr. Naik (Management of Intox) for their donation of 2018-19 Fiscal Year CSR funds to the tune of 1.35 Lakh Rupees to the ToxGurukul Foundation.

We are hoping that you may consider doing the same to the extent possible.

By way of our activities, we are sharing (attached) the latest report on Proceedings of Risk Assessment on Personal Care Products (PCPs) and Cosmetics which was held in Ahmedabad which was attended by 200  participants and was the most admired workshop ever by all participants.

Conference proceedings (Download)

- Dr. K.S.Rao 

ToxGurukul Team Members

Name: Mrs. Benita Saklani Maindola 

Contact Phone: (+91) 93128 - 62512 (or) 93196 -74788 


Name: Mr. Alex Thomas

Contact Phone: (+91) 97454- 450045


11 March, 2019

Dear Friends: 

Subject: Appeal to Management groups in India

As a Board member, I attended the American Board of Toxicology (ABT) meeting in Baltimore (at SOT) and found to my shocking revelation that the over-all average passing rate in DABT is 82%.  However, the passing rate among the subset of Indian candidates is only 35%, which is really VERY DISHEARTENING  to me personally, with all the efforts we have made in the last 9-years.

I truly believe, bulk of the management in India (sorry to say), may not be appreciating the value of having a DABT in your establishment.  Please ask any of the candidate in India who have passed.  The exhilaration among those who have passed is something you will never get by simply giving pay raises.

I appeal to all management to consider doing something in your own way to encourage your employees to appear and pass the DABT in India. I am in no position to advise you, but please use your own techniques.

One of the incentive that comes to my (not the only one one) mind is to consider sending the freshly passed DABT from your institute to attend the Annual SOT meeting in US for one year, which can be a rewarding experience for your employees.  The cost of such an endeavor is no more than 1.5 Lakhs, which most companies blow away on unproductive ways.

I truly believer, Indian candidates are as educated and are as intelligent as anyone in the world, but they deserve some kind of incentive from you, the management, to create an environment to consider you employees for appearing and passing DABT.

This is an unprecedented request not normally done (I am taking a personal risk), but I do care for Indian candidates and I want them to be successful in life.

- Dr. K. S. Rao 


22 December, 2018

Dear Friends:

Subject: ToxGurukul Website  Announcement

It is a momentous occasion for all of us to have our own Website.  I welcome all of you to use the website for the benefit of all.  This should be a nucleus of common ground for toxicologic communication and learning to improve your talent and advance your careers.  I see there is a lot of Latent Energy in all of you.  I want to see the innate Latent Energy in all of you be converted into Kinetic Energy for the advancement of knowledge to achieve the pinnacle in toxicology and compete globally.  Finally, it is essential that the Kinetic Energy be converted into Radiant Energy, a form of energy transmitted through space where you will start helping others., which results in a community of informed toxicologists who will advance the society at large.

Toxicology consists of drugs (small and large molecules), chemicals, pesticides, nutraceuticals, vaccines, medical devices, food, environment, different species, including humans.  In addition, we have various organ toxicity, mechanisms of toxicity, pharmacokinetics which is  an integral part of toxicology.  Simply knowledge of these agents is not enough, but you need to devise experiments to innovatively test such agents both in vitro, in vivo and of course where possible through in silico also.  In this process, one should consider all avenues, including surrogate animals, when needed in a humane way.  In any testing program (in vitro or in vivo), transparency, accuracy, and repeatability are of paramount importance to infuse confidence in the public at large and to future generations.

The granddaddy of all is the science of risk assessment to individuals, population, industrial workers, agricultural/pesticide workers, bystanders, infants, pregnant women, aged and diseased individuals etc.  Not to forget the environmental toxicology which is far more important to leave our environment as pristine as possible to future generations.  The process of risk assessment will assist the field of regulatory toxicology to Government institutes to manage various agents in a rational way.  There is no one human being who can and will know on all of these aspects.  It is a continual process of acquiring knowledge which in turn will result in a better society.

I wholeheartedly welcome all of you to share your knowledge and experiences and learn from each other’s expertise to reach that promised land – WISDOM.

- Dr. K. S. Rao