Mission & Vision


To fosture and nurture  toxicologists for the enrichment of  human health and a better world 


To be one of the largest community of toxicologists across the world by 2025

Scope of ToxGurukul  

  • To conduct training programmes  in the field of toxicology
  • To act as a platform for scientists who are working in different areas of toxicology
  • To support/motivate toxicology community by awards and appreciation
  • To act as a link between international and Indian toxicology community 
  • To promote publications related to toxicology
  • To solve puzzles in Toxicology
  • To support regulatory authorities to upgrade the existing guidelines or building new by giving valuable comments
  • To act as a risk assessor and public adviser in case of any chemical hazard noted in public
  • To develop the new generation leaders to catalyze the future of Toxicology in India
  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of Indian toxicologists to meet international standards.
  • To support the toxicologists to upgrade themselves to the current trends to meet the future requirements of  the market
  • To guide the young toxicologists to design their career
  • To act as a link between CROs across India 
  • To enhance ethics, scientific integrity in the field of toxicology testing and animal welfare
  • To motivate toxicologists to learn and teach