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“Conference was very good and nicely arranged. Speakers were good and the topic had been chosen was new for all audience especially cosmetic area of submission. 

I congratulate all committee for the same for grand success of this event. 

Special thanks to Rao sir for doing such a nice things.” 

-Dr Ashvin Patel (IMIT -19 Delegate)

 Zydus Research Cantre

“The conference was great, especially the teamwork of organizers and arrangements for participants were nice, so congratulation for good work done.  All toxicologist at one place, that is the big highlight of the conference.

Good luck for future endeavors.”

-Rita Rana (IMIT -19 Delegate)

 Shri B. V. Patel PERD Centre

“Indeed I would agree with you that IMIT-2019 was a grand success!

First of all, I am personally thankful to Toxgurukul for starting this initiative in order to provide a learning platform for all the toxicologists of India. Also, hats off to the dedication and effort put in by all the people of the Toxgurukul organizing committee/volunteers, which facilitated the event to a big success! My special heartfelt gratitude also for Dr. K.S. Rao, who is the driving force behind all this.

Now coming to IMIT-2019, it was a very well designed course by Dr. Milind Deore, who had carefully selected speakers from different Industries…And here again I am thankful to him for inviting me to come over and share my perspectives on the ‘alternate to testing’ topic! It also felt amazing to see the enthusiasm of the participants, who had gathered for the event from far and near, because of their hunger to learn and understand the subject… This topic of risk assessment for consumer products indeed is a specialized application oriented topic, which is one of the main task expected from the risk assessors of FMCG companies or consultants/service providers, who support them. And I am very sure the course managed to provide that perspective to all the participants! Lastly, the event also provided a good networking opportunity to all participants and speakers working in this domain. In short, the event achieved the objectives what it was designed for!

Looking forward to many more such workshops in India and to learn from each other!

Keep up the excellent work and glad for having being able to contribute a bit to the noble cause!”

-Sangamitra Mishra (IMIT -19 Speaker)


“Topics picked up for the conference was well chosen and the speakers were exceptionally good and informative.   I felt the attendees of the conference were receptive and interactive that had made all sessions lively and interesting.  It was a wonderful platform for the grooming toxicologist from both academia and industries as well as to have a complete and detailed overview on risk assessment across different categories.   Networking with professionals and subject matter experts during these 2 days has definitely helped in exchanging of intellectual ideas and thought processes.

Overall  a great and useful experience – Well organized and Well structured”

- Dr.Gopumadhavan S. (IMIT -19 Delegate)

The Himalaya Drug Company

“The IMIT -19 was a wonderful and very well organized workshop, I am very glad to get the opportunity to attend and meet Toxicologists all over India at one place. The course was very well designed, very practical and useful, which are very essential for day to day activities of a Risk assessor. It will help the Toxicologists who are more into Study conduct to understand the Risk assessment process and also help the Toxicologists who are planning to attempt the DABT exam. For freshers or early stage of the career, it will help a lot to get the insights of the Risk assessment process. Personally, I have enjoyed and learned a lot of new things in IMIT-19 workshop.

I want to convey my sincere thanks to Toxgurkul team, Dr. K.S Rao, Dr. Milind Deore, All the respected speaker and all the volunteers/organizers and management of Ahmedabad University for conducting such a great workshop. I will look forward to this kind of great workshops to happen more in the future.”       

-Anil Kumar Madupu, M.Sc., D.A.B.T. (IMIT -19 Delegate)

Johnson & Johnson Pvt. Ltd.

“We from ACS congratulate the organizer team on successful completion of IMIT-19 a ToxGurukul initiative. It was very professionally organized event. Selection of speakers and presentation topics were very much in line with current market scenario and need of the hour. With a desire that more such events will be initiated by ToxGurukul, we wish all the very best to the organization and enthusiastic members.”

- Iqbal Gandhi (IMIT -19 Sponsor Representative)

 Animal Care Systems

“Entire 2 day was one of the best I’ve ever spent. Dr. K. S Rao gave us a nice overview risk assessment process including both hazard and risk assessments. Dr. Milind Deore and other J&J team gave us a nice comprehensive overview of Risk assessment of personal care and cosmetic products. All the speaker was comfortable in his own skin, nothing to prove, no need to hear his own voice, plenty to show and say, doing his best to be of service to the audience.

Thanks for a fab workshop…I came away feeling very educated and inspired to get creative.

-Sandeep P Sarode (IMIT -19 Delegate)

 Johnson & Johnson Limited Mulund, Mumbai.

It was an absolutely amazing, enlightening and engaging workshop. The course content was very well-structured- started with an overview, touched all different components of consumer products with respective approaches/methods/tools of risk assessment, regulatory requirements and submissions. I found it really insightful and interesting, as core concept of risk assessment remains same across industries whether pharmaceutical, consumer products, chemicals, food or pesticide. It provided an excellent platform to discuss practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of risk assessment. Plethora of information in a short time!”

-Shahnaz Akhtar, PhD, DABT (IMIT -19 Sponsor Representative)

 Sun Pharma Advanced Research Centre

“The complex topic of “Risk Assessment of Consumer Products” was meticulously selected and delivered. Speakers were very good communicators and knowledgeable, Information was well presented and easy to follow. Sessions were interactive and well worth my time.

Hope that next time  Risk Assessment in terms of pharmaceutical gets addressed.

Wishing all the best to ToxGurukul for all future endeavors.

And last but not the least thanks to the IMIT-2019 Committee for organizing this Workshop.”

-Ashish Kapoor (IMIT -19 Delegate)

 JDM Research

“I considered it great privilege to be part of IMIT 2019. Firstly thanks for bringing ToxGurukul to Ahmedabad. All session were knowledge sharing and interactive too. Many of the things were not known and the way it was delivered, it was outstanding and energetic. Special thanks to Dr.Milind Deore Sir and Dr. K.S. Rao Sir for their presence and being mentor for all of us. All the arrangements were beautifully organised, thanks to volunteers. Will love to be part of ToxGurukul in future too.” 

 - Dharak N Sharma (IMIT -19 Delegate)

   Safety and Analytical Research Center LLP

“Conference was awesome and many of the new things I learnt related to cosmetics. 

I got an opportunity to meet and listen experienced speakers.

I came to know many things related to toxicology which will be helping us in further studies.”

- Riya Agrawal (IMIT -19 Delegate)

   Maliba Pharmacy College

“It was really a well organized, interactive workshop and the best of its kind I have ever attended in my professional career. Time management was so excellent to accommodate so many topics in a limited time frame. Although the principles of ‘toxicological risk assessment’ remain same, however speakers brought in important insights into regulatory framework, execution strategy, key concerns and caveats in respective areas. Thanks a lot to the course organizer, course director, speakers, the volunteers, sponsors and all who made this workshop happened with a fabulous success and for providing such an opportunity to learn and/or upgrade our knowledge. Let’s keep going the generous effort of ToxGurukul group to nurture and disseminate knowledge in the field of toxicology and to take the practice of toxicology in India and its global recognition to a new horizon.”    

-Dr. Santanu Jana, M.V.Sc (Path.), DABT, DIBTP, (IMIT -19 Delegate) 

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

“Being a non-toxicologist came out with a confidence of preparing "PRODUCT INFORMATION FILE (PIF)" on Cosmetics after the conference it shows that how good it was, well done everybody and thanks again.”

-Venkatesh.B.T (IMIT -19 Delegate).
Botskem Labs


“IMIT-2019 Team Toxgurukul Kudos to you. I am pleased to write this feedback for successful completion of IMIT-2019. I congratulate Dr. K.S. Rao and his entire team for such nicely and smoothly organizing the event. This event was of great success with many distinguished experienced speakers in the field. Listening to Dr. Rao is itself a learning experience. His tireless efforts to make the Indian Toxicological Fraternity visible on global front are commendable. Risk assessment is a vast interdisciplinary area. That has been extracted and delivered to the participants in a easy learning manner. Young professionals will be highly benefited with this type of workshops. I once again thank you all and look forward to be a part of such future events and join hands as a team.”

-Sapna Gupta(IMIT-19 Delegate)

Shriram Institute for Industrial Research 

Very good training course material. Very Nice Presentation regarding Risk Management. The trainers were done clarified to all participant on related regulatory aspect. The training is very useful and fantastic for all concern personnel.

-Chandrajeet Singh(IMIT-19 Delegate)

Accuprec Research Labs Pvt. Ltd.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to attend the “Interactive Meet on Insights in Toxicology-2019’’ organized by ToxGurukul. Speakers were very knowledgeable, Information they provided was well presented and easy to understand. It was a great success! ToxGurukul did a fantastic job. Congratulations..!! Also congratulations and best wishes for your next meet “Pathology to Toxicologist” Looking forward to attend meet regarding Pharmaceutical Toxicology. My special thanks to Dr K.S.Rao sir for his admirable efforts to upgrade the ground for all fresh players of the toxicology in India by providing support in term of knowledge of toxicology and relevant guidance.”

-Dr. Hiren B Parmar, MSc, PhD (IMIT-19 Delegate)

Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Ltd.

“First of all, thanks to the organizers as their hard work was visible and was vital for smooth functioning of the workshop. This workshop gave us a good platform to meet our old friends and to make new friends in the toxicology world. It was a great learning from all well experienced speakers who are leading in the respective areas of toxicological risk assessment. As a speaker, it was my pleasure to get a chance to interact with these leaders personally. I am thankful to Dr. Milind Sir and Dr. K S Rao Sir for this opportunity and I appreciate ToxGurukul team for all their dedication towards a noble cause. P.S. the auditorium was very nice and I also liked the food given in lunch.”

-Nishit Kachhela (IMIT-19 Speaker)


“This is the first time I attended this "Interactive meet on Insights in Toxicology". It is a great eye opener for me and my team. The forum helped to interact with experts of toxicology to on animal free testing. A very useful session.”

-Krishnan Subramanian(IMIT-19 Delegate)

JK Helene Curtis Limited

“IMIT- 19 was indeed wonderful experience. Event was organized very well and utilized full two days effectively. Speakers and the topics were in line with the theme of the workshop. Really enjoyed learning from the experts staring from the basics of personal care/cosmetic product safety to the specialized concepts such as spray product evaluation, TTC, impurity qualification and so on. Presentation about in in silico approaches for the safety assessment was informative. I would like to thank speakers for sharing their knowledge generously. Looking forward for such wonderful events in future.”

-Sachin Shete(IMIT-19 Delegate)

 Colgate palmolive


 “IMIT 19 was a grand success! The content of the course was chosen very well. The overview, risk assessment, various in-vitro methods, data base search, regulatory expectation, case studies etc were very well discussed. The speakers were excellent and subject matter expert. The venue and the organization of the conference was great! Congratulations to the IMIT 19 organizing team and hardworking volunteers! Many thanks to Dr. Milling Deore Sir for the course design and Dr. K S Rao Sir for mentoring all of us.. ”

-Parimal Solanki

 Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Ltd.

“Firstly congratulations for the success of beautifully scripting, planning and conducting the conference. It was a holy experience to all the toxicology/regulatory aspirants. Two days flew like few seconds. Knowledgeable speakers and equally enthusiastic listeners made this conference fruitful for all. Thank you to the organizing committee members and his highness Dr. K.S.Rao for this mega event. Looking forward towards more and more such kind of events....”

-Shekhar Shivaji Gaikwad

Baxter International Inc.,


"I would like to thank you a lot for organizing such a interactive conference related to toxicity studies.

The lectures were very informative. We gathered a good knowledge from the conference. 

Many aspects related to toxicity studies were cleared. It will help us a lot in future. 

The hospitality of the volunteers was excellent." 

- Ruma Baksi
  B. V. Patel Pharmaceutical Education and Research Development (PERD)   


"Toxgurukul, India, has been evolving into a research movement especially in the area of non-clinical safety evaluation, in the recent days. It strives to nurture young minds of regulatory toxicology and at the same time serving as a ready treasury of resources on safety evaluation. Unlike the traditional meaning of the term Gurukul, this group facilitates a two-way learning process, non-hierarchical and self regulating, and above all, guided by professional expertise and spirit. As a close and a quiet follower of the conversations, it could be stated that there are no questions that are left unanswered or unguided so far. There is always someone to throw some light, provide references or at least, pointing the moon."

- Dr. Amalan Stanley, V.

It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to interact with enthusiastic members from the various CRO's of the country. As a Professor of Pharmacology &Toxicology I find ToxGurukul provide a common platform to share day-to-day work bench experience and to update the skills and progress in toxicology with pioneers in the field of Regulatory /Drug development. 

Hope ToxGurukul would take such programmes in future.

- Dr. Prakash Nadoor (Speaker: IMIT-17)

I am Dr. Pralhad Wangikar Director and CEO of PRADO, Preclinical Research and Development Organization, Pvt. Ltd., Pune feel immense pleasure to be part of this community and also feel honoured to write a testimonial for ToxGurukul, a community of Toxicologists.

ToxGurukul India has fulfilled a long sought wish of toxicology fraternity to have an open online platform for sharing the knowledge with peers and highly renowned, knowledgeable experts in this field. Most of the discussions going on this platform are very useful and impart lot of knowledge in budding scientists/Toxicologists while motivating them to explore vast field of toxicology. Timely availability of information on national and international seminars / conferences and workshops, and organization of such activities by Toxgurukul is very useful.

I am sure this community will certainly make a revolution in the field of toxicology and thereby enriching the human health in the coming years.

I wish all the very best to ToxGurukul towards achieving success in their mission and goals.

Dr. Pralhad Wangikar

Dear ToxGurukul team,

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys at ToxGurukul did a really good job in organizing the IMIT meet. I’m glad I was given an opportunity as a speaker. Everything was simple and organized well. I never have any problem at all. Look forward for such fruitful meets in future.

Great Job, Kudos!!!

Mr.Praveen Reddy  (Speaker: IMIT-17) 

The ToxGurkul initiative on ‘interactive meet on insights in Toxicology’ organized in 2017 was a great event, crammed with power of great speakers and knowledge, offering a unique balance between basic concepts on toxicology and DMPK, and advanced topics like small and large molecule drug development, regulatory requirement, adversity assessment, impurity qualification etc.  Organizers have put up a targeted and persuasive messaging curriculum of topics for young audience and allowed excellent space for interaction with speakers.   A thorough professional job done by organizers creating a great platform of learning and sharing scientific information and developing a network.  This first meeting was critical to making sure that we understand certain basics so that we leap forward to some of the advanced contemporary topics in the next meeting.  I will be more than happy to join hands in this journey of sharing information and connecting to young toxicologists with ToxGurkul Team whenever required. 

- Dr.Venkatesha Udupa (Speaker: IMIT-17) 

 It was such a pleasure participating “Interactive Meet on Insights in Toxicology (IMIT)”. It was unquestionably out of the norm; very innovative and unique meeting. IMIT was a really fruitful, interesting and well organized event, with the clear objective to promote the concepts of Toxicology practice.

A great event, packed with so much knowledge and passionate audience. The speakers were  keen in sharing their knowledge to un-puzzle the enigmas that each face in daily work routine. I appreciate the fact that several facets of Toxicity testing were covered in this meeting. The energy was through the roof. In short: offering a compact source of inspiration.  As a speaker, I felt honored to share the stage and discuss few of my experiences. Had ample opportunity to connect and learn from everyone around there. Hats off to organizing committee, splendid show!

Nevertheless one feels short of words while appreciating the 'brain, inspiration and energy behind such a unique knowledge sharing phenomena'- Dr. K. S. Rao. His selfless efforts and interest to disseminate toxicology knowledge and standards to grass root level is simply astonishing and inexplicable in few words.

Thank you!

- Dr. Yogesh Murkunde  (Speaker: IMIT-17) 

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